The Swan’s Quill is my blog page.  Here I will share with you the inspirations and insights that I have as I travel the path that leads to my ultimate quest; chocolate nirvana.  I hope you will follow along with me and share your own thoughts and comments that I might continue to grow.


My Friend,

I Know Your Secret!

You love chocolate!  Given a choice of flavors, say for ice cream, a cupcake, donut or just about anything, if one of the choices is chocolate, that will be your selection.  You like everything about chocolate; the color, flavor, texture, smell, feel in your mouth and the list goes on.  I do too.

Why Must We Limit The “Good Stuff”?

We all know what we like.  Might I say not Just like, but have a passion for?  So why do we sometimes feel guilty or ashamed if we indulge in that passion?  I remember as a child being limited to two pieces of chocolate candy a day whenever there was a box of chocolates in the house (such as around the Christmas holidays).  If I wanted more I had to sneak it and feel the wrath of my own conscience whether I got caught or not.  There was never a limit put on how many asparagus spears I ate, or how many broccoli florets.  But the good stuff was dealt out sparingly.

I looked up quotes about chocolate, and found thousands of them.  Not one was negative.  Everyone unanimously agrees that chocolate is wonderful.  The same kind of search for quotes about broccoli yielded much different results.  Let’s just say there are far fewer lovers of the green food than the brown.

Putting harsh limits on my enjoyment of chocolate causes anxiety.  I know I shouldn’t eat a whole pound of chocolate in one sitting.  But dang it anyway, is one more piece going to send me to my grave?  Do I have to feel like a failure just because I struggle with the temptation to over indulge occasionally?  Sometimes it is difficult to get my mind off chocolate.  I know what it is like to daydream about the days when a candy bar cost just a nickel.  (Just ask my wife and kids.)  And to long for those chocolate treats that are no longer available.  It just about makes me want to cry!

It’s Time We Take A Stand

Earlier, I mentioned quotes about chocolate and broccoli.  My favorite broccoli quote comes from George H. W. Bush.  Here is what he said.  “I do not like broccoli.  And I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it.  And I’m President of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli.”  Apparently, George finally decided he had enough authority to stand up for himself and say NO to broccoli.  We don’t have to be the President of the United States to make responsible adult decisions. (This is where the band begins to play and we wave our flags.)  We don’t have to be bound up by the values of others, and regulations of our childhood.  We can handle the “good stuff” in our life without having to feel bad about it.  We can set our own limits and live healthy, happy lives free from regret and judgement.  No longer must we hide out stash of chocolate and sneak it when no one is looking.  We can be transformed into people who lead open, honest lives in confidence and integrity.  And at the same time, we can satisfy our passion for all things chocolate.

I have discovered a way to immerse myself in chocolate without any sense of guilt or shame.  I enjoy chocolate in every way, shape and form, yet without eating too much, gaining weight or feeling disgusted with myself.  In fact, I am proud that I am becoming informed and knowledgeable about chocolate and can laugh in the face of temptation.  How did I accomplish this? Let me tell you.

No Pills, No Programs, No Meetings

First, I did not go looking for any chocoholics’ anonymous meetings.  There aren’t any.  Why?  Two reasons.

  • There is no such thing as a chocoholic because chocolate is not addictive.
  • No one wants to quit eating chocolate.

Next, I did not look for any twelve step programs, because the only one I ever heard of was “Never be more than twelve steps away from chocolate.”  While amusing, that didn’t seem particularly helpful.  And finally, I didn’t go looking for pills or medications of any kind, because I didn’t want to become dependent on something worse than the chocolate I was trying to limit.  So what’s the solution?  It is very simple.  So simple in fact that I hope you will not feel let down when I share it with you.  I decided to engage my mind instead of my mouth.  That’s it!  See, I told you it was simple.  Now I want to show you how I did it, and how you can easily do the same thing.

My Transformation

I was eating a lot of chocolate without knowing very much about it.  There were many questions that I did not have answers to.  For example:

  • Does chocolate have any nutritional value?
  • Does chocolate cause acne?
  • Is there one kind of chocolate that is better for you than another?
  • Is chocolate addictive?
  • Is white chocolate really chocolate?
  • Is chocolate really harmful to dogs?  And if so, can it also be harmful to people?

These are just a few of the things I didn’t know about chocolate.  And I decided that answering these questions might make me feel more comfortable about eating it.  So I began to do some research into the subject of chocolate.  I found answers to these questions and many more.  I actually discovered that there is a type of chocolate that doctors recommend that we eat daily.  And foods like tomatoes, beans and peanuts should be avoided as much as possible.  Can you imagine feeling guilty over eating spaghetti sauce or a peanut butter sandwich?  Apparently, we should.  Now, I can approach chocolate with the confidence to set realistic limits and make wise decisions.  I am happier and no longer anxious.  In addition, I discovered that while reading about chocolate and studying the subject I can imagine and fantasize about chocolate all I want without nearly as much temptation to be constantly craving it.  Now maybe you can’t relate to this downside of chocolate.  Maybe you are just a person who loves chocolate but never were tempted to eat too much, or use it as a crutch.  You will still be interested in my promise.

My Promise

I have decided to publish a monthly news magazine called “Chocolate Tidings”.  In it will be the answers to the many questions I had as well as:

  • Fun facts about chocolate
  • The history of chocolate
  • Uses for chocolate beyond eating
  • Delicious recipes using chocolate
  • Humorous quotes about chocolate
  • Games and puzzles about chocolate
  • Tips about buying and tasting chocolate
  • Instructions for storing chocolate
  • Occasional contests regarding chocolate
  • And more!!

Each issue will be primarily devoted to one or two topics related to chocolate, such as how it is produced, or interesting facts about its history.  Did you know for example that during the Revolutionary War chocolate was used as currency to pay the colonial soldiers?  Who knows, maybe it will be used that way again someday.  Over time you will learn all about your passion and will be able to eat it with the knowledge that you are doing something good for yourself.  I promise that you will be enthralled with chocolate as much as I am as you learn more about the people, places and history of your favorite food.  You will not have to hide chocolate (unless you just don’t want to share it) but will have the confidence to enjoy it openly.

Do This Now

“Chocolate Tidings” first issue became available to the public on May first.  Since that time a second issue was released on June first.  To become a subscriber you must go to my website and fill out the form which will give me your name and email address.  You can find the form on most any page of the website.  Or, if you are reading this in my blog, simply sign-up below.  Then go to the paypal buttons and decide whether you want a single issue, or a subscription and I will begin sending you “Chocolate Tidings” by email.  You will receive the first issue for free simply by filling out the form requesting your email address.

Go now to and fill out the form.  The sooner you do, the sooner I can make the groundbreaking first issue of “Chocolate Tidings” available to you.  Once you have completed the form, share this news with your friends.  I know they will want to get on board as much as you do.  Don’t cheat them out of the free first issue.

For the love of chocolate,

Thomas Swan



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